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Time of Reflection

Today was a gorgeous spring day! The sky was blue with no clouds. It was so lovely I had to turn on the air conditioning upon returning from the park this afternoon.

Today’s Self-Centered Tarot card is Seven of Pentacles from the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner, illustrated by John J. Blumen. The woman on the card appears to be waiting for the harvest to finish ripening. Kenner states, “When the Seven of Pentacles appears… you can probably expect some downtime-a brief pause while you wait, reflect, and hope for the best as all of your endeavors come to fruition.”
Seven of Pentacles
The card is fitting for me right now. I have put in a great deal of effort designing my website, growing my audience, and now working on my crystal healing certification. I am willing to wait for the fruit to ripen as the process is the most important part for me, for my spiritual growth. Maybe I’ll help a few others grow with me. I am enjoying this time of reflection.


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Pack light

The sunrise was surreal this morning. The fog covered everything under the treeline in a charcoal grey cloud. The Sun, not yet risen, cast it’s first rays of the new day highlighting the fog and the promise of a new day.

Today’s card is the Autumnal Equinox, Release card from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer. This card reminds me of a childhood vision.

My parents had a picture that resembles the image on this card. One day while looking at the picture I was instantly in a scene with my great grandfather, who had passed.

We were walking together and he told me I am my uncle who died as a baby. In this vision, I was the full grown man I would have been if not for death in infancy. My uncle and I share the same birthday and are both firstborn. My age at the time of the vision was about ten.

Farmer puts it well, “trees prepare for the winter and conserve their life force.” It’s time now. My soul had to wait. I had to conserve my light. I don’t know why. The energies now are helping me let go of many things. It’s important to pack light on long journeys.


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Energetic and enthused

Today was a very chilly wet day. We only left the house to go to the post office and our local metaphysical shop.  The post office had a package for me. I ordered a shungite pendant a while ago and forgot all about it. Shungite is a powerful healing and protection stone. I can definitely feel it helping me release old junk.

Today’s card is from my new Wizard’s Tarot Deck written by Corrine Kenner, illustrated by John J. Blumen. The artwork is what drew me to the deck. My self-centered tarot card of the day is the Six of Wands.

The card shows a woman on a stage lighted with the six wands. She is wearing a red top with a long black dress. Everyone’s attention is turned to a member of the audience. The woman on stage is sharing information.

Kenner says the card is “… a card of leadership and bravery.” The window in the background is “… framed with laurel leaves, which signify victory, honor, and acclaim.” She reminds us that with great power comes great responsibility.

The card does not seem to fit into my rainy day at first glance. However, in the last six to nine months, I have been trying to get over my own fear of what others think about my spiritual journey. Sharing more with family, friends, and now the global community. Like the woman on the card, I am “energetic and enthused” about sharing enlightening spiritual information with you.

~ Athena