Mars is nearing Pluto in Capricorn

And it is really good! It seems counter-intuitive. Pluto in Capricorn is an ass kicker. Add Mars and prepare for a transformational uphill battle. I have been busy all weekend. Raking leaves, making meals, taking care of pets, and making organic body butters, lotions, salves, and essential oil sprays.


Between now and my event… a deadline filled work week as a corporate accountant. Another Full Moon is coming up, which means I have another YouTube video to create… Not to mention my Shaman Stone and the Earth Star Chakra video. Pricing all of my crystals, incense, and other metaphysical tools. And in-between, I will be getting the kids off to school and cleaning up after pets.


That’s not all, the current planetary transits are very similar to three years ago. The day Pluto and Mars were conjunct my twin flame broke it off. Astrology moves in geometries, we just keep looking back at the spiral the vortex that is our life creates. We come back around to see new things we did not catch the first time.

It’s doubtful this upcoming Full Moon conjunct Uranus is Aries will cut as deeply as three years ago when that Mars Pluto conjunction transited my natal moon. This time around is sure to surprise, in a freeing and independent way.

Fallapalooza is the name of the event. Twenty percent of my gross sales for the day will go to the Women’s and children’s Alliance. I received an invitation via email from a woman who organizes events for the city of Boise. She visited my booth during a summer festival. The invitation was the cherry on top of a very successful couple of days at Goddess Festival.

It seems the Universe is quite adept of getting me where I need to be at exactly the right time. And helping me adjust and attune myself spiritually for a greater level of responsibility to my own freedom.

As a young business school student, I often imagined my future… At 40, I would have enough money to start my own business and work for myself. I would have a nice window and a guitar in the corner, so I could take a mental break when needed. Ah yes, the future.

Before I knew it, I turned 40. My life was nothing like I had imagined. I had the two kids I had dreamed of, but the loving caring husband. Not so much. I had already been divorced for seven years. I dated two different men with the same first name. The first was a catalyst for a spiritual awakening. The second is my twin flame. I didn’t even know until after he ended it. I just kept feeling him, dreaming about him, I tried breaking etheric cords, but still three years later I still feel his energy and see him in my dreams.

A few months before turning 40, during March eclipse season, I had a huge freakout. My life sucked. I lived in 988 square foot home with two bedroom, a hallway for a living room and no space to be creative! Not to mention, I had lived there for 15 years. I thought I would be there a couple of years, meet my man, and upgrade. Nah, that wasn’t how it went down.

Before eclipse season, I registered for a crystal healing course. I already knew how to work with crystals intuitively. People often like to see credentials, especially with regard to an accountant turned crystal healer.

After my freakout (spiritual growth), I started to look for retail property. The places were dumps. For the price I could buy a sweet home with space for healing. It didn’t take long for the perfect place to unveil itself. A home, I had admired on many occasions, near my friend’s place.

It was a hail Mary with the loan. High debt to equity ratio and a single mom. The only thing I had going for me is the company I work for and my good credit, but I really think the job nailed it.

I cried many tears of Thanks after moving in. My growing kids have their own rooms. There is a beautiful room for crystals right off the foyer. Yes foyer! The foyer is nearly as big as my old living room. The size of my home tripled. The Universe really delivered something amazing for all those years of hard work after getting married.

See how Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn works. It kicks your ass in preparation for your continued transformation. Spiritual growth is no easy task. So, I decided to draw a card and asked the Universe what I need to know at this time.

Today’s Self-centered Tarot, well Oracle card is 29. Blessing of the Kite Dancer, from the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild. The girl is beautiful. She is floating gracefully in red. Her head adorned with a golden headdress. The clouds are behind her as she is high up in the sky. The birds fly about, and an ass goes by?!?

The card description is three pages long. In summary, “… manifest your potential, develop and express your talents, and fulfill your divine destiny.” and “If you are considering developing your own skills as a mentor or coach, this Oracle also brings confirmation that this is in alignment with your divine destiny.” The message is apt to my life right now… Fallapalooza, the WCA, YouTube and coaching in my own crystal healing kind of way.

Fallapalooza and the WCA seem perfectly timed by the Universe to arrive when I am finally ready to own my own childhood sexual abuse, and domestic violence experienced during my marriage. Overcoming life’s most brutal challenges to thriving is absolutely amazing!

I am now ready to share my experience and assist others with the process of thriving!

It can be done even through kundalini awakening, heart chakra activation, and ascension symptoms! Crystals help… A lot.

Athena Gappmayer, MBA, CCH, RHP, RMP

Level -up!

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