Crystal Empowerment, Level-Up

It finally happened!

My website and online store are up and running! 

In April 2012, my Amethyst crystal activated my heart chakra. A couple of years ago, I started the process of preparing to tell others how crystals have changed my life. Where to start in the digital age. I opened Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ accounts. I needed content, so I started a blog. I finally got up the courage to make some videos.

Now my original intent of sharing my crystal experiences with others is actionable. I can share my recommendations complete with links to related products and how to videos.

My website is

Crystals work with me on electromagnetic and photonic levels. They share information with me, so I can pass it on to you. This is an amazing time of awakening and ascension!
Athena Gappmayer, MBA, CCH, RHP, RMP

(Crystal Intuitive)

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