A Rough Few Days

It’s been a rough few days. The lunar eclipses challenge me on occasion. I felt this Lunar Eclipse at 22 degree Leo coming for a week. Irritation gave way to anger, which ultimately gave way to unexpected grief.

I had the knowing this Lunar Eclipse would be challenging, but truly I was unprepared in some ways for it. Not as far as crystals go!

In December, I acquired a beautiful double terminated clear Kunzite with beautiful light language etchings. Kunzite is one of those crystals that was missing from my collection. I needed a crystal to remove blocked energy. Kunzite, I first learned and now know through experience is very good at releasing blocked energy.

January was particularly difficult with 30 year snow records. My excitement for getting through January without getting sick was smacked in the face with reality. My oldest quickly became ill with fever and vomiting. It went on for several days. The day I returned to work, I came down with the same thing. Then our male dog became sick. Finally, ten days after the whole sick thing began our female dog became sick.

She was more than just sick. She fell over and yelped! She couldn’t get up. And I couldn’t help her. She is a big dog, well over 100 lbs. She managed to get up after a while, then went outside and the same happened.

The next morning I called the vet. The vet came to see her Friday afternoon. They drew blood and would let me know if she had Pyometra or something else.

I took the opportunity to clean our patio and side yard. With all the snow, the dogs had a soggy mess to clean up after. While doing that, I happened across a dead bird. My hopes fell, animal signs are powerful.

The doctor called back. Prognosis negative. Kia was experiencing organ failure, and at risk for developing if not already developed cancer.

I began working more closely with my Kunzite. It moved vast amounts of energy through my body. I now wonder if some of the sensations I had been feeling were Kia’s energy. Kunzite is beautiful in its energy, even more so than to become enraptured with its physical beauty. The energy of Kunzite is so gentle. It really helps to bring about a state of allowance. In that state, it becomes very easy to release.

My poor dog was bad off. She had been able to lift herself off her bed all day Friday. It was hard to carry on Saturday knowing in just a few short hours, the vet would be back to do the deed. No need to suffer.

Her loss is deeply felt. I didn’t realize how much she was there for me, until she was gone. She was always by my side, following me around. I am very appreciative of her. She made space for another adult in my daily life. For that, I will always be thankful.

I imagine the Kunzite and I will be working together through the Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017.

Let the Lunar Eclipses do what they will. Sometimes change is unexpected and difficult. It’s just another opportunity to Level-Up!

~Athena Gappmayer, MBA, CCH, RHP, RMP

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