11:11 Crystal Medicine Wheel

Crystals started calling me to work with them again. Sometimes we (me and crystals) take breaks from each other. It’s not easy on the human body to work with loving light on a continual basis. Anchoring divine love takes a toll on the physical body, especially the heart. It is part of my ascension process. Part of why my soul is roaming this planet in a physical body. Crystals are so loving, they understand this and give personal space for healing by withdrawing… Until we are ready to work once again.

We are called back together by the 11:11 Gateway. 

November 11th is recognized as Armistice Day in Europe, Veterans Day in the United States. It commemorates the end of World War I. The poppy, a reminder of the struggle for peace and unity at the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.”

New information came to me from three different sources (colleagues in light) regarding actions I must take today. The synchronicity of it all. The divinity behind everything, so obvious.

My task is to create a medicine wheel to anchor the incoming light codes through the Winter Solstice and beyond. The great heyoka laughs. I am a Rainbow Warrior, a shaman applying soul-level knowledge having never been taught the traditional ways, I find the path alone. It’s easy, once you follow your heart… And that’s the crux of it.

Sometimes I feel at a disadvantage not being taught by my elders. Not today, in this lifetime I can break free of tradition. Google is a thing! I can research and apply the same day. I can create a spiral medicine wheel, supporting unity consciousness and honoring the never-ending spiral of life.

Notice the “X” in the sketch of my medicine wheel. This is a traditional aspect of some medicine wheels. Don’t forget the Yin & Yang. So, 11:11.

A couple of years ago, I asked my crystals what they want people to know. They showed me energy, orange and powerful, meeting with the physical body and creating in that moment a powerful “X” symbolizing spirit embodied on Earth. Yes, we need more spirit here on Earth! Especially today with this gateway of higher consciousness opening and supporting unity.

The impetus to create this grid today came to me through synchronicity. Though other spiritually connected individuals. A special thanks to them for helping me connect the dots.

The crystals are arranged with Clear Quartz at the North for clarity. Citrine at the East for happiness in transmutation. Red Jasper at the South for grounding, and Nuumite at the West for inner knowing. Chrysocolla and Rose Quartz for oneness and unconditional love. A Clear Quartz crystal skull in the center faces East for illumination. Underneath the skull, Chrysocolla and Rose Quartz lies a spiral of Black Tourmaline chips to ground the incoming light codes into the Earth.
I activated the medicine wheel with a natural clear quartz point, starting from the skull going in a clockwise direction following the Black Tourmaline to the outer edge. Then from North to South and East to West and one more spiral into the skull and up to the sky.

The 11:11 medicine wheel sits on the Oregon Trail on a busy street. Many people pass by on foot, by bike, bus, etc. The medicine wheel will assist many in receiving high frequency energies and ground the negativity that light is bound to shake loose.

Athena Gappmayer, MBA, CCH, RMP, RHP

(Crystal Intuitive)



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